What Our Clients Say 

Kim was a pleasure to work with. She listened (and heard) what we wanted (and needed) and crafted a day for us that was both productive and fun. Working with her feels like working with your best friend. She’s smart, intuitive and flexible when things change. I highly recommend working with her whatever the organizational challenge.
Yes, just do it! Kim Svoboda is a master coach who can be trusted by any team or individual to build performance by learning to invest in their strengths and overcome the things that are holding them back. Kim’s engaging workshop for Building Brave garnered a 4.8/5.0 rating by participants and 80% enrolled in a private Facebook group to continue the coaching. I would highly recommend Kim to any individual or team that is ready to take their performance to the next level.
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Kim’s insight and guidance is impeccable! During a recent career transition, I began working with Kim to navigate the job market. We initiated our work together by identifying my strengths, discussing how to leverage them during my job search, and how to best build on them. Once we had a concrete base established we progressed into determining my career objectives, and evaluating the types of positions to pursue that matched my goals. The coaching Kim provided kept me focused on being critical of the roles I was evaluating. This focus resulted in multiple offers. I ultimately accepted a fantastic opportunity where I am able to leverage my strengths in a different functional area furthering my professional growth. Kim and I continue to work together due to the high premium I place on her deep expertise in team building, talent management and focus on strength building. Her coaching style is engaging, thought provoking and supportive… you know she has your best interests at heart! I am proud to have her as a Coach and Friend!

— George, General Manager
One of the things I appreciate most about Kim’s coaching is that she is one of those people that relentlessly tries to call out the good in me and believes in me more than I sometimes believe in myself. She is consistently pouring into me as my coach...putting me in situations that will help me grow as a woman, a friend and a Sales Director. She recently helped me decide to take a risk in moving from a global powerhouse company with a great reputation to a startup. She made it so much less scary and I truly feel that I am where I am because she was coaching me to be confident in my calculated risks and I invite anyone that is considering taking Kim on as an Executive Coach to reach out to me for a recommendation.”
— Mariette, Regional Sales Director
Regardless of where you are at in your career regular coaching and feedback is critical to continued success. I have had the opportunity to be coached by Kim for over a year. She has helped uncover many strengths I didn’t know I had but also helped highlight areas that I could improve upon. She has truly made me a better leader to my employees and a much better peer to my co-workers. As I share various situations with her, she has an amazing ability to ask thought provoking questions that allow me to find my own solutions. I thoroughly enjoy all our sessions and I always leave them by saying I think this was our best one. She is so easy to talk to and I know she has helped me be a better person overall. I look forward to continuing our sessions and continuing my growth as a leader.”
— Frank, Director of Business Relations
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I am thankful for the opportunity to have Kim coach me on my Gallup Strengths Finders results. I was very familiar with my top four strengths but did not understand my fifth. Kim did an excellent job presenting the theme and allowing me to explore how that theme was present in my life. What a difference that made because that theme is pervasive throughout my actions, thoughts and beliefs. Then, Kim opened more opportunity for exploration by talking with me about how well my top three themes work together to make me even stronger. While I understood the themes individually, I had never seen them from a united front that elevates them. Kim is an excellent StrengthsFinder coach and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a deep understanding of their themes.”
— Jacquie, Marketing Executive

Sales Strategy:  Full Day Workshops for the Field Sales Teams


Objectives:  To become a more strategic sales team by leveraging team selling concepts, applying The Challenger model, and improving engagement at clients to include the entire C suite of executives


"This workshop completely exceeded my expectations.  I am not big on sales training but this really helped me think about my business differently.”

“Visionary Thinking, Where you want to be and framing how to get there.  Real world examples and best practice sharing”

“Interaction and open discussions and bringing two formerly separate teams together under a common goal and direction”

“Interaction, putting the ideas into motion”

“The workshop provided a unique lens from which to view the new landscape and opportunities”