Are You Missing These Ingredients In Hiring For A High Performing Team?

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Companies today are hiring for skill primarily, but in the process of doing so…are they missing the big picture on key factors to ensure long-term success?

So often in our work at Aspiration Catalyst® with companies trying to build high performance teams, we’ll witness a business putting job descriptions out there in the public eye, communicating how they are looking to fill various roles on their team.

But let’s be honest here: Does a job description really provide a compelling reason for why someone would join that company? Frequently, the answer is no because the job description is a listing of skills.

While it’s important to know whether or not a candidate has a certain skill set, when we hire exclusively for skill, we could be missing the boat when it comes to identifying their greatest strengths.

As we see it, there are three key ingredients that we can uncover in order to assemble a high performing team the right way. Download our complimentary report “The Top 3 Missing Ingredients in Hiring for a High Performing Team and How to Keep Them.”

You will discover exactly what those top three ingredients are here: