Powerful Leadership MasterMind

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Ever have days where you feel like you left your cape at home? 


Build the bridge to your highest priorities

Powerful Leadership's MasterMind series is created for people just like you.

Our MasterMind participants are high performing professionals, leaders, and business owners wanting to work smarter.

Are you worn out from running on the "everything is a priority" treadmill? 

This MasterMind helps you move forward on what matters most.  Here's how:

  1. Exclusivity--only 6-8 participants per group
  2. Hot topics each month on skills, great tools, and tactics to develop skills and overcome challenges
  3. Unprecedented support from executive coach and high performing peers
  4. Make significant progress by regular monitoring and high accountability with your peers

More Details

  • Meet 2x/month for 75 minutes via video conference-no wasting time on travel
  • Confidential groups--build trust and gain support from your peers with high focus on learning and accountability-getting comfortable with being vulnerable helps you move forward quickly
  • One year commitment recommended
  • Limited time introductory pricing available now


Contact us at: kimberly@aspirationcatalyst.com for more information and to reserve your space. Groups are filling quickly! 

Change your priorities and change your life


Powerful Leadership is a joint effort between Aspiration Catalyst & Susan M Barber Coaching LLC.