Powerful Leadership MasterMind

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A MasterMind designed for women only

Our participants are high-performing women who want to make significant progress on their goals, get unstuck, and move fast.  Time for all of us is at a premium…so spend dedicated time on YOUR goals each month to make significant progress on what matters most.

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They are:

  • Start-Up CEO: Scaling their business for growth, building the right team to handle the volume of work, developing leadership skills

  • VP of Sales: Ready to launch a side business which will become a full-time business. Wants to build a business plan and start offering services

  • CEO of Successful Consulting Firm: Double the business, build a growth plan, develop a stronger network

  • High Performer: Defining career plan, building the skills to achieve success and reach the next level, develop a great network of support and connections

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We work hard on our businesses, we take care of our families, we volunteer for the school committee, help out with that inspiring non-profit, and on and on.

At the end of the day, week, month, year…. oftentimes we hear that women feel like they’re just surviving instead of thriving. We help Women Thrive in our Mastermind groups.

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  1. The Mastermind program is an annual membership full of intense focus and incredible support: Retreats, group coaching, 1:1 coaching, expert speakers, and awesome peers that want to make unprecedented progress on their BHAGs (big, hairy, audacious goals)

  2. Exclusivity: Groups are comprised of 6-8 high-performing women who are carefully vetted and selected to stay together for the year (and beyond).

  3. Content-rich: Each month we will meet to focus on skill building, share great tools, and deliver strategies and tactics to develop your strengths and overcome challenges. You’ll receive great books and an award-winning business planner/journal to further develop your leadership and personal growth. These materials will support your growth as well as motivate and inspire you to think differently.

  4. Retreats: Our 2-day, in-person retreat (Fall 2019) in a beautiful (warm & sunny) setting is all about shifting paradigms, renewal, creating your expansive vision for success, setting your BHAGS, and leaving with a plan to make it all happen. You won’t want to miss it!

  5. Expert speakers: We’ve have top experts attend several of our group sessions to provide a deep dive into important topics like: Focus, Emotional Intelligence, Networking, Building Confidence, Prioritization, and much more…

  6. Unprecedented support: Your leader is a highly qualified executive coach (Significant business experience, ICF Accredited, Gallup Strengths Certified, Forbes Coach Council, Certified Retreat Leader, Vistage Speaker, Board Director) and seriously awesome peers (Trust me, these women are AMAZING!)

  7. Significant progress: Past participants have made significant progress and achieved their goals. When you immerse yourself in an environment of high accountability with supportive, successful peers, you’ll be pushed, stretched, supported, and amazed at how far you will go.

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How often do we meet?

  • We meet 2x/month in a group session and a 1:1 session, as well as retreats twice a year

  • Monthly group meetings via video conference - all the benefits of face to face without wasting time on travel; build a nationwide network of awesome peers

  • Monthly 1:1 coaching session with the executive coach to focus on you, your goals, and addressing the areas you are getting stuck or want to deep dive into

What’s special about this Mastermind Circle?

  • It’s all high-performing women who are just like you. They are doing everything and at times feel like they are achieving nothing. You have found your tribe and you will fit in with ease.

  • Confidential groups build trust and gain support with one another. The focus is on sharing and accountability. Our participants get comfortable with being open and vulnerable to move forward on their goals quickly. Sometimes there are tears… and many times there is laughter!

Our Private Online Group is a great place to get your questions answered, share resources, celebrate successes, vent your frustrations, and be part of a community that always has your back. It’s all for one and one for all!

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This is an invite-only group. We will send you an application and set you up for your interview.

The application/interview process is in place because everyone must be ready for their own transformation, as well as committed to the success of their peer group.


Are you:

  • Serious about your development? Our members share their big, hairy, audacious goals, accomplishments, and struggles. They are ready to be challenged to grow and show up as authentic and vulnerable.

  • Ready to support the other members confidentially, constructively, and without judgment and build great relationships with other high strivers?

  • Committed to showing up consistently and ready to work hard?


Stop dreaming about what is possible and let’s make it happen together!