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HRMAC Webinar: Unleashing the Power of Strengths presented by Kimberly Svoboda

Gallup has found that people who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job. This compelling connection between strengths and employee engagement in the workplace has the power to accelerate performance when companies work on enhancing both simultaneously. Companies utilizing Strengths have achieved benefits in revenue, profitability, customer engagement, employee turnover and employee engagement. Attend this compelling session to gain an understanding of why you should be leveraging strengths vs. traditional weakness focused development to dramatically improve engagement and performance at your organization.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to understand Strengths Based Assessments and how to leverage effectively with individuals and teams through the Strengths Strategies such as Name it, Claim it, Aim it, and the power of Theme Dynamics.
  • A focus on personal development to build career resilience and effectively navigate change. A strengths based approach to personal development focuses on each person's strengths and helps them manage around their weaknesses.
  • An understanding of the power of strengths based teams - a group of individuals utilizing their strengths in a team setting is a force beyond their numbers. Interdependency is the key.


Presented by: Kimberly Svoboda, Executive Coach, Principal Consultant, Aspiration Catalyst, A KAS Consulting Inc., Company.