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WEBINAR: Identifying, Securing, Developing, and Managing Great Talent

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Please join David Gabor, as well as Amanda Scott, President of Solution Harbor and Kim Svoboda, CEO of Aspiration Catalyst for an informative discussion about how employers can attract, retain, and develop top talent.

David will focus on several legal trends impacting hiring and compensation practices for the purpose of guiding employers, as well as their advisors, on adopting and maintaining processes that are compliant with federal, state, and local laws. David will also address the value of focusing job interviews to identify an applicant’s people skills as well as technical skills. Amanda will discuss strategies that can be used to attract interest from the best possible candidates and will also address steps that can be taken during the interview process to identify people with the best technical and people skills for the position. Kim will speak about steps that employers can take to develop and manage employees and will share tips on how to develop the leadership skills that are necessary to build a high-performing team.

Webinar Objectives:

Through this webinar, our clients, colleagues, and friends will learn about:

• The importance of identifying people skills as well as technical skills;
• Contributing factors for turnover;
• Strategies to enable employers to make a more informed decision when hiring;
• Steps that employers can take to define leadership skills for employees;
• Helping employees realize the leadership skills;
• Helping managers develop high-performing teams;
• Legal trends impacting the hiring process; 
• Trends involving equal pay in the workforce; and
• Steps that employers can take to be proactive so that they can avoid legal risks. 

Who should join us:

This webinar will provide insights for company owners, corporate directors, compensation committee members, executive officers, and key employees, as well as attorneys, accountants, and consultants.