Corporate Powerful Leadership

In order to drive cultural change, your leadership team needs to experience a learning program that is completely different. Welcome to the “Powerful Leadership Program” only offered here.

This is far from a passive experience.  Our 12-month learning development program is engaging, immersive and designed to create breakthroughs for your leadership team. Your top people will grow their influence and impact. Every leader is driven to learn new approaches, apply lessons, gain clarity, grow confidence, and raise competence as never before.



  • Cast unique vision of success
  • Gain clarity on perceptions
  • Implement effective action-based strategies that are tailored to specific situations
  • Acquire effective leadership acumen and move ahead




  • Improve individual and group productivity
  • Drive results by allowing new skills and behaviors to be explored in a supportive environment
  • Leverage team talents and build power partnerships 


 Stand in your power

Stand in your power


  • Develop behaviors that align with  authentic leadership styles and match organization's values
  • Increase emotional intelligence and navigate effectively
  • Create networks of advocates, mentors, and sponsors
  • Invest in individual talent to create strength

Each participant is immersed in rich leadership development content matched with strong 1:1 support throughout skill development.  The program starts with a 360 review and in-depth assessments. The multi-phased approach includes: Monthly group workshops, application work, 1:1 coaching, progress checks, and regular follow ups ensure swift progress for each participant.