What’s Your “Why?” (And How I Found Mine)

What’s Your “Why?” (And How I Found Mine)

Simon Sinek frequently talks and writes about “Finding Your Why” to discover what your purpose is.  I find this very interesting and inspiring and have given the book to many of my clients to discover their why. 

Starting my company, Aspiration Catalyst, came directly from my why and has brought it to life in vivid color through the work that we do. Aspiring to help others by sharing knowledge, experience, and proven pathways to growth and success is something that is innate.  I just love to help.  

Turning Talent Into Strength: The Power Of Naming, Claiming, And Aiming

Turning Talent Into Strength: The Power Of Naming, Claiming, And Aiming

You’ve likely heard people talk about the phenomenon of “Imposter Syndrome” – the propensity to feel like you’re going to be ‘found out’ by everybody due to this or that weakness you have, despite your many accomplishments.

In the face of this defeating self-talk, a greater focus on strengths can provide a validation of your skill set. It feels better because you’re using the natural talents you already have inside you and bringing them out, front and center.

Proactivity: Just Relax

Proactivity:  Just Relax

I have discovered something that feels very counterintuitive to a Type A person like me. The more I relax and am at ease; the better I become.  This is a major paradigm shift for me.  I am an ACHIEVER, (#13 of my Clifton Strengths) so getting things done/checking things off my list has always been highly valued by me and many of the people I have worked with.  In fact, at one of my first jobs out of college, being an achiever was so important that it reinforced the very act of being busy.  The busier you were, the more people noticed, and the more you were rewarded. The challenge is whether you are busy on the things that actually matter or not. 

Authenticity: Who Do You Want to Be?

Authenticity:  Who Do You Want to Be?

Some leaders have shared horror stories where they were advised to act like the majority in their company and conform to fit in.  As you might imagine, this didn’t work for them AT ALL.  Leaders that are being inauthentic or have to stretch far to reach the “code” of behavior, often report feeling exhausted at the end of the day.  Here are some ways to maintain authenticity yet connect with others.