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Powerful Leadership: The 3 Things Leaders Should Do Now

Powerful Leadership:  The 3 Things Leaders Should Do Now

Recently, I spent a fruitful week in London, UK, with the talented team at Gallup, Inc.  In the company of high performing leadership coaches and consultants from around the world, I participated in Gallup's Advanced CliftonStrengths Coach Training where we deepened our mastery on Strengths Based Development.  As I reflect on the week, here are 3 ideas to help you improve:

Build an Engaged Team with Staying Power

Turnover is high and costly.  A study by the Society for Human Resource Management states that employers spend the equivalent of six to nine months of an employee’s salary to attract, identify, and train their replacement. So that means that an employee salaried at $100K will cost the company $50-$75k to hire and train a replacement.   Do I have your attention yet?

Do you want to win forever?

John Wooden was part of the creation of Carroll’s strategy and inspired him to get his plan into writing and to include vision, philosophy, and beliefs.  Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, he desired to get his teams to the peak performance level of self-actualization which is at the top of the pyramid.   Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.  Carroll's written philosophy is the foundation on which he builds highly successful, top performing teams. The detailed clear vision contains beliefs, style, and rules.