Turning Talent Into Strength: The Power Of Naming, Claiming, And Aiming

Turning Talent Into Strength: The Power Of Naming, Claiming, And Aiming

You’ve likely heard people talk about the phenomenon of “Imposter Syndrome” – the propensity to feel like you’re going to be ‘found out’ by everybody due to this or that weakness you have, despite your many accomplishments.

In the face of this defeating self-talk, a greater focus on strengths can provide a validation of your skill set. It feels better because you’re using the natural talents you already have inside you and bringing them out, front and center.

Settle Your Mind

It’s the holidays and many of us are operating in overdrive.  As if our busy lives weren’t hectic enough, add the stress of holiday/end of year celebrations, decorating our homes, band concerts, mailing out holiday cards, shopping for presents, and you have a recipe for being very, very stressed out.  What can you do to bring a sense of calm to your day? 

We All Feel Fear

Jia Jiang had this problem with rejection.  He found himself struggling because this fear got in his way.  Rather than let it continue to hold him back, he decided to conduct a 100 day experiment where he would deliberately go out and seek rejection.  He came up with a list of seemingly ridiculous things to ask people that they would say no to.  What he hoped for was tougher skin and a strategy to deal with rejection.

Can Meditation Shift Your Mindset?

Meditation has moved from something a few specialists did to becoming a mainstream phenomenon.  I’m not sure when I made the shift myself in wanting to check it out.  It might have been when a colleague shared his experience with daily meditation to get his head clear, or perhaps when watching the students learn the art of Buddhist mediation at a mountaintop monastery in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Nevertheless, I recently found myself opening to the idea of meditation. 

Inability to manage stress is killing you

A very disturbing message in last week's WSJ noted that all women's longevity is stagnating in the U.S. and white women's longevity is actually declining.  We are the only developed country with this type of trend. France, Germany, UK, Canada, and others are experiencing declines of mortality rates in the 45-54 age group.  In the US we are on the opposite trend and women's mortality rates  have been on the rise since the year 2000.  Even more disturbing are the top causes of death--drug and alcohol overdose, suicide, and chronic liver disease.  WSJ: Rising Death Rate