Walking Meditation

In my journey to increase my own mindfulness, I’ve been exploring different methods. Walking meditation is one that has intrigued me, as it combines mindfulness with movement.    Recently on a trip to Ireland, I found myself walking a track called The Cliff Walk, around the edges of a town called Howth.
After a sleepless night in Dublin, I took a train and a bus to the summit in Howth.  Sunlight drenched the sweeping views and the blue water sparkled as the waves rolled into the shoreline.  I began walking the path and found myself faced with gorgeous vista after gorgeous vista.  After walking for around 30 minutes, I felt my tiredness fall away. The aggravation of the sleepless night left my brain and body, and I began to feel at peace.  The rhythm of my feet on the dirt path, the sound of the waves, the gentle wind, and the warm sunshine on my face all contributed to this wonderfully blissful feeling of alertness, peace and relaxation.  I returned to the town a few hours later feeling completely recharged, clear in the head, and uplifted. 
Jon Kabat-Zinn has a more structured version of Walking Meditation, which was shared by the Berkeley Greater Good for Action through this article.  Find the way that works best for you and get clear, recharged, and energized.  Happy Walking!

walking meditation.png