Powerful Leadership: The 3 Things Leaders Should Do Now


"Our calling as CliftonStrengths coaches is to help people become masterful and successful. It is with support, insights, and encouragement from a coach that people can become the best of who they are."

Recently, I spent a fruitful week in London, UK, with the talented team at Gallup, Inc.  In the company of high performing leadership coaches and consultants from around the world, I participated in Gallup's Advanced CliftonStrengths Coach Training where we deepened our mastery on Strengths Based Development.  

As I reflect on the week, here are 3 ideas to help you improve:

You Don't Need to Change

You need to become more of who you are. In order to be the best member of your team/organization--you must first embrace yourself. Once you have a clear view of who you are and where you can best contribute, then you are able to embrace the talents of others and partner effectively. Study your talents, embrace them, and invest in them.  Invest your valuable development time this way:  Spend 20% of your time managing your weaknesses—make sure they aren’t getting in your way.  Spend the other 80% on investing in your talents and make them stand out strengths.  Malcolm Gladwell had the right idea in his book, Outliers, where he outlined this principle, “10,000 hours of deliberate practice are needed to become world class in any field.”  Start with talent and finish with strength.

Stop trying to change others

The same rule applies to your team--help them become more of who they are. They must study their talents, embrace them, and we as leaders must help them invest in them. When people get to bring their best to work every day and they see how it contributes to the team/organization’s success--engagement and commitment skyrocket. Your team will do their best work when they are highly engaged in it. Focus on what's right with your team and coach them to do more of it. 

Look for the talents in others and become a matchmaker

Look for complementary partnerships to achieve success. One person alone cannot be all things for all people. Play matchmaker and help team members partner and form complementary teams to achieve goals. As an example, when someone with strategic talents partners with another who has execution talents--together they will move ideas into action.

Growth and development are an evolution. Going in the direction of strength is the most effective way to consistently achieve success.  Wishing you all the best on your journey!


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